Christine Lord

Christine Lord is an award-winning investigative journalist and filmmaker.

She has produced and filmed documentaries for BBC1, BBC2, BBC America, MBC and Channel 7 Australia. A regular broadcaster and commentator, Christine has appeared on Sky News, Newsnight, Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, ITV News, Channel 4 News and Channel 5 News. Christine’s journalism and filmmaking includes issues such as climate change, health, family, environment, history, art, celebrity and entertainment.

From 2005, Christine interviewed German women who had grown up under the Nazi regime. After the end of hostilities, these young women made new lives in the UK and USA by marrying allied service personnel.  

Christine also had long conversations with camp survivors, allied veterans and German, English and French civilians who had lived through the Second World War.

Women at War is inspired by many stories and experiences. Christine’s late father William Lord served in the RAF aged nineteen years old, and her mother Audrey served as a WAAF during the Berlin Airlift.

The stark and beautiful photograph used for the front and back cover of the book was designed using vintage Soviet film. The ghostly image represents so many lost lives and futures, but also a doorway of hope.

Women at War highlights the many shades of conflict and how individuals can react when faced with death. Millions of people were killed during World War Two and millions more men, women and children who survived were left traumatised and broken.

What would any of us do to survive?

Christine Lord

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